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Am I Daimon?

I am Paul Fredric the Host of Daimonosophy 2.0. I’ve been a student of the Left-Hand Path all my life but it became formalized when I discovered the Satanic Bible at a B. Daltons Bookstore in 1983. My Initiation into the Dark Arts has been a rich cornucopia featuring Satanism, Setianism, Fourth Way, Orgonomy, Thelema, Nietzsche, Zarathustra, and if it starts to seem too tame I’m not afraid to add a dash of Ayn Rand or Hayek to spice things up; I’ve played evil music in bands like Morphine Angel, Asmodeus X, and Red Flag. Eventually everything started to form into a coherent system, and now I’m publishing books like Daimonosophy and The Erbeth Transmissions, and illuminating the core of Left-Hand Path values like individuality, rational self-interest, and personal responsibility.


I’m expanding my terrestrial mission with the Podcast Daimonosophy 2.0, where we explore LHP subjects by interviewing Left-Hand Path luminaries, spiritual entrepreneurs, musicians and other pioneers of the great unknown. Some shows I choose to simply rant about all the contemporary misguided and grotesque collectivist and anti-success ideologies that are trying to wheedle their way into the Left-Hand Path in hopes that more might awaken to their true inner divinity.


Since ancient times the Daimon has represented the true divine nature of the individual; the Self-Ahead-of-the-Self, and Crowley's Holy Guardian Angel. The mission of Man reconnecting to his Daimon is a Universal one, and I hope you will take the torch up with me.


Subscribe to my Blog: From Sagaciy or send me a message via the buttons below. I accept feedback on the show and often read messages on air.


Remanifest Supersubstantial,


Paul Fredric

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