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A Conversation with Brian Werner

If you've been following the Left-Hand Path movement you're almost certainly aware of the Left-Wing Satanic Protest group The Satanic Temple, as featured on CNN's This Life with Lisa Ling.

But not as many people know about founding member Brian Werner, who left the organization out of disgust for it's attempts at liberalizing and secularizing the Satanic Movement. You can see his video resignation here

Since leaving the organization he has continued to find success as the vocalist for the  popular Death Metal band Vital Remains and other entrepreneurial ventures including the T-Shirt Business.

We got Brian on the show, and what an amazing conversation it was. We discovered on-air that we both cut our teeth in the same Wisconsin/Chicago Music scene of the Nineties, ran in many of the same circles and knew a lot of the same people like Thomas Thorn from the Electric Hellfire Club.

We discuss some extreme and radical subjects, including the details of his break-up with the Satanic Temple. The 'safe' version of the conversation will drop next week, but Daimonosophy Patrons can get the full version here.

Also, as a way of showing my appreciation for all the great support - along with PDF access to the book Daimonosophy and other writings - I'm going to begin officially recognizing Daimon 3 Level Patrons by announcing their names on the air. This is how a real Mastermind Group works - everyone moves together! You can get in on this great opportunity here:

Oh, and did you notice that shiny new logo at the top of this message? That was designed by my Partner in Crime Komodokat and part of a total new website make-over. Check it out, there's even a new web shop and blog! Yeah!

Thanks for your continued support and keep the Dark Fires Burning!


Paul Fredric

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