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The Three Incarnations of the Supersubstantial

There are three clear stages that the Supersubstantial moves through, which can be conceived simply as Fire, Bread, and Being. Each are of the same essence, but of a different nature and consistency.

With the right kind of tools and the right kind of development we can see Holy Fire move through us as well; These three Stages allow us to see how the Supersubstantial transforms in relation to function. We could also conceive of these as three stages of the Supersubstantial. Epiousios itself transforms from Fire into Bread, and Bread into Being, and then from Being back into Fire. At each point we experience the Incarnation – or Remanifestation – differently.

Stage 1: Supersubstantial Fire

This is the manifestation of fire discussed in the Diabolicon, Book of Enoch, and Revelation 13:13.

Associated with Transition from 2nd mammalian brain to 3rd human brain, but is perhaps also and element in 1st to 2nd, 3rd to 4th, 4th to 5th and so forth

Stage 2: Supersubstantial Bread

This is the stage of consummation and digestion of higher substance. the Supersubstance received from Stage 1 is combined with the substance of being. The Higher Being Food of Beelzebub’s Tales, the bread of Mathew 6:11.

Stage 3:  Supersubstantial Being

This is the Remanifestation of the alchemical work of 1 and 2. This is the stage of the emergence of initiated man and a higher state of being. As the Supersubstance of Stage 1 is digested in Stage 2 a new and more substantial being is formed.

In some instances the 3rd Stage is symbolized by blood, but since this often leads to misunderstanding I have opted to use the more sophisticated ‘being,’ knowing that for the most part my audience will already have a pretty sophisticated and mature perspective.

On one level, we take the completion of this three stage process as indicative of the level of Adept. On another level, we recognize it as an indication of Priesthood; only in this case The Holy Fire has not only moved through, but some essence of it has remained. Something is then digested, and then Supersubstantial Being is Remanifest.

Though it may sound redundant, “the Supersubstantial Remanifests as Supersubstantial,” would be a coherent and rational statement.

However for most, we must begin with trying to understand what it means to merely be substantial. Most people end up spending most of their lives only floating – insubstantial; not as a causal being, but as a thing to which other things happen. For the majority, we must first learn what it means even to be substantial, a causal force, a willful force, before we can even hope to comprehend the Supersubstantial or to understand how we can attract and cultivate it.

It is perhaps counterintuitive that the key to this primal active force, is that we must learn to emulate the right kind of passive force; cultivate a certain capacity to receive.

Once we realize this at a very deep level,  then we can start looking at restructuring or reprogramming ourselves in certain other ways; In Conscientious ways that can accommodate more of what istruly nourishing to Higher Being; what is Supersubstantial.

So, the idea of the Supersubstantial – that it is something beyond us yet in some sense reachable – further acts as a reminder, that the work of Xeper is always a matter of first recalling what it is to be merely substantial; what does it mean to have a body and limitations to deal with? Limitations on body and on attention.

A final act, which really ends and begins the formula, involves that of passing along the Supersubstantial. It is in once sense a return to the Fire Incarnation – intentional moving of Supersubstantal Fire –  like the Lady of Liberty –  in the direction of Consciousness, of Freedom, of Will and of independence. In the direction of others who have a certain ability to receive, even if at a seemingly diminished capacity. This is the divine pattern of the Diabolicon, The Book of Coming forth by Night, Genesis 3:1-6 (the Serpent in the Garden), Prometheus and so forth. We are accustomed to viewing the pattern as before, above, or behind us; but to be the pattern – to be the causal agent – is different.  The Red Magus of the Diabolicon is an example of how man, by certain efforts, may eventually grown into this role of ‘Sower.’

What this all means is that each of you who call yourself Setian will one day have to carry on that fire as well. That is the ultimate end of Remanifesting the Supersubstantial – a huge and terrible responsibility. Most people really can’t handle that much responsibility, and tha is why you have to spend a lot of time really thinking very carefully about if you have room for it.

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